How We Work

Client Connection
Our practice aims to create spaces that enrich our clients’ lives. To achieve this, we have become not only good designers, but also good listeners. We enjoy working closely with our clients and are committed to sustaining successful relationships. As a result, the majority of our work comes from repeat business and referrals.

Vision + Insight
We engage our clients in a dynamic process in which both parties have complementary responsibilities. Our clients bring a set of goals and intentions for which we provide the guidance and expertise to accomplish them. A key part of our job is illustrating and evaluating a range of possibilities, which are presented through a sequence of iterative drawings, models and sketches.

Attention to Detail
After the nature of the project is established, we consider and define each element, integrating every detail into the whole. We bring years of technical knowledge and practical experience to produce the necessary documentation for pricing and construction.

Expertise + Teamwork
At Marcus Gleysteen Architects, we believe that excellence is required of everyone involved. We are proud to have forged strong relationships with an array of award-winning interior designers, landscape architects and expert builders. We work closely with contractors to review submittals, answer questions, and address unforeseen issues as they arise. Once building starts, we ensure that what is being built meets our standards and design intent.