Lake Point House serves as an elegant retreat to connect an active family with outdoors and one another. Sited at the edge of Lake Sunapee, it employs a tectonic play of wood, stone and steel to celebrate the rugged magnificence of New Hampshire. Upon entry, a progression of thresholds immediately reveals the spectacular lake view. Deep overhangs soar toward the sky while giving protection from the elements. Expanses of hand-cut Barre granite and layered columns establish an organic rhythm and ground the home in its wooded surroundings.

A key function of the Lake House is its ability to accommodate two people or twenty with equal comfort and grace. This flexibility is achieved through a tripartite plan that demarcates three separate zones. The first is the “core” space: the kitchen, informal dining area and master suite. The second is a private guest wing for visiting family and friends. The third is a formal dining room and sweeping great room for gathering and entertaining.

“The design intent was to make the house a natural extension of its surroundings by allowing the wildness and drama of the site to flow through and around each living space.”

– Marcus Gleysteen


Lake Point House