Our goal is to create architecture that is personally and culturally useful, giving form and purpose to built space

We look beyond general stylistic preferences. Individual combinations of clients, programs, and locations generate unique opportunities that demand specific solutions.

We believe that each new project inherently contains the potential for personal and professional development in all aspects of our work. While recognizing and upholding what we perceive to be self evident and timeless principles of our chosen discipline, we know that each project requires a fresh and critical eye in relation to the specific and unique characteristics of our clients’ goals. As such, each of our projects is a process of discovery that results in purposeful beauty.

The firm is run as a studio. Every project is personally directed by Marcus, leading a team of talented and extremely capable architects and designers through the design, documentation and construction phases of each project. Each project and task is defined in a manner that simultaneously fulfills client objectives while improving and expanding the capabilities and skills of all who work on them. Whenever possible, team members are encouraged to pursue individual lines of inquiry and design within the discernible outline of a project. The result is a dynamic discourse between established insights and experience and new perspectives in the service of better design.

Each completed project brings new insights and lines of inquiry. Through research, either within our own substantial library of books, journals, and magazines; on the web, through websites and blogs; or, more importantly, travel, including conferences and symposiums; we are constantly engaging the evolving world of design around us.

We are committed to the thoughtful and efficient use of client resources, physical materials, and energy. Our design reflects culture and history in conjunction with the evolving requirements of contemporary life.